Here are just a few examples of the clients we support:

Older deaf people who maybe less mobile may find themselves feeling isolated and stuck at home. We can enable them to go shopping, meet friends and access local groups such as the Deaf club, while ensuring their safety at all times.

Young deaf people who feel isolated and vulnerable may need to develop skills that lead to greater independence. We provide such things as travel training, familiarising them with their local community, enable them to take part in local activities and events along with deaf and non-deaf peers and increase their confidence in activities of daily living. 

Deafblind people or Deaf people with Usher syndrome may need support in order to get around and alleviate isolation. We provide Communicator Guides, helping them to travel and to communicate when accessing services, supporting their independence.

Newly released deaf prisoners may require support that enables them to be rehabilitated into society. We can help signpost them to local services, resolve housing issues, enable them to apply for benefits and look for employment or other activities of daily living that may be needed. We can also support probation appointments and further legal appointments.

 In some cases, we are able to support deaf young people who are under 18 years old.

Immigrants new to the UK and may struggle to establish themselves here.  Their knowledge of BSL may be limited which further impacts on their ability to access services.  We can support them to increase their BSL skills.  We have support workers who can use International Sign enabling them to communicate effectively with such clients.  In addition to this we can signpost them to other services, introduce them to their local Deaf club and wider community and support them with other activities of daily living dependent upon their need.

Deaf people who have been ill, or have suffered a trauma or bereavement can benefit from our support to help them move forward while they recover from difficult times in their lives.

Deaf organisations who require short-term staff could also benefit from using our services.

This list is by no means exhaustive, please contact us to discuss your clients particular needs I am sure we can help.

“Please note V-Recruitment provides an enablement service and does not offer personal care.”